Moving Country is Challenging & Turns out to be the Best of Better Decisions – Moved to London, United Kingdom

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It’s only natural to miss home, family dogs, colleagues and friends. I learnt not to be too harsh on myself and allow me some personal time to feel homesick and miss my guys. I have experienced numerous heartbreaks, betrayals, insults and much more. So losing them or missing them hasn’t been the worst moment for me.  Try to embrace this feeling instead of fighting it. When you feel homesick, recognize that the feeling connects you to the place in which you were born or grew up and to the people you love still living there. You can always make a call home to talk to friends and family as much as you like.

Hob conversion Kokula Krishna Hari Kunasekaran Harrow home

While addressing these problems, food shouldn’t be a big problem. This would cause loads of physical health and mental health issues. In that way, being in London is blessed. Yes, you read it right. I never faced the shortage of Indian Food supply in London. And especially in Harrow with over 1/4th of the Indian & Indian origin population, I never felt that. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetation or Jain food or Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, I got it in ample quantity. And moreover, the quality is exemplified without missing my way back Indian taste.

Food Life in London is highly impressive in my case, am not sure about the others. I usually don’t have Fish in India, but here the Cod and Salmon fish have started sailing in my stomach. Till this time, I have tried various cuisines, but I fear the possibility of listing all the cuisines. I have tried almost all Indian cuisines which include, Bengali cuisine, Andhra cuisine, Awadhi cuisine, Goan cuisine, Gujarathi cuisine, Hyderabadi cuisine, Karnataka cuisines(ones having sugar in Sambhar), Keralite cuisine, Mangalorean Cuisine, Maharashtrian cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, Odia cuisine, Parsi cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, Sindhi cuisine, obviously South Indian cuisine, and Udupi cuisine. Even while I was in India, I haven’t tried so many varieties of food, but London treated me very well in the past few months with all of them.

Glimpses of Food at Home Glimpses of Restaurant Foods

Not limiting only for the Indian Food, I have also tried International Cuisines like American, Arab cuisine, Bangladeshi cuisine, Caribbean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Danish cuisine, of course, the basic authentic British English cuisine (bread breakfast & Fish’n’Chips), French cuisine without wine, Indonesian cuisine, Sri Lankan cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Malaysian/Malay cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Polish cuisine, Pakistani cuisine, Persian cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine and Thai cuisine in the city of London.

This short time has made me quite experienced with different food tastes as I can create a directory based on the taste! And I can also create a list of food taste prepared and served by all my friends, mates and their spouses, but considering the well-being of my friends and safeguarding them from being thrashed by their respective wives, I am refraining from that 😛


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