Moving Country is Challenging & Turns out to be the Best of Better Decisions – Moved to London, United Kingdom

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After being in Bristol, and visiting many of my friends within the UK, and especially the entire spaces of London, I finally select Harrow. In various terms, I felt Harrow a better place. History claimed the resilience values of Harrow to be at a higher rate. The multiculturalism, the access, availability and much more impressed me. Of many habitational names, I loved this place. Harrow is in the North-West part of London was typically positioned.

I roamed the entire London and most parts of the UK on various occasions. When checking out the place for dwelling, I had to consider various factors like Restaurants, Transport, Temples, Schools, Hospitals and many such facilities. I wanted to be very close with the Indian diaspora and Tamil Community, widely been to East Ham, Ilford, Croydon, Wembley, Ealing, Southall, Hounslow and other such. Moreover, the percentage of Indians in other areas were too much exploiting the existing British Whites of the areas.

Schools in this locality are more perfect and finely crafted. I happened to visit Harrow School with my friend, who was so much impressive. Harrow is often perceived as having a good educational record and features many state-funded primary and secondary schools as well as a handful of large tertiary colleges apart from the Harrow School where Indian and British Prime Minister had been to like Jawaharlal Nehru and Winston Churchill respectively.

In the near vicinity, we have Northwich Park Hospital, and in a few minutes of the drive, we have Central Middlesex Hospital for Medical Emergencies. Both these hospitals are very well equipped with Indian Language speaking assistants who would be highly helpful for the settlement of a family.

And without mentioning this, it wouldn’t be enough for choosing this location. Yes, you got it. It is about Restaurants. I have various cuisines of restaurants, takeaways and fine dining places. I am entitled to my own choice of choosing the food which I want. Until I am hooked up, I can try various food styles and bit healthy (when compared to India). Food points like Briyani Kitchen(Indian folks), Chicken Cottage(Sri Lankan), Sakonis(Indian Vegetarian) are my paradise.

After a series of considerations and sortings, I finalized Harrow is going to be my place.

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