Moving Country is Challenging & Turns out to be the Best of Better Decisions – Moved to London, United Kingdom

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The insight I have gained after visiting various countries and analyzing their financial moves on Home Mortgage has widely helped in choosing the UK Mortgage. With most of my friends, back in India being a proud Home Owner, I have learnt loads of things from their damage. And, of course from my seer pleasurable pressure. I got a flat in Chennai, India, with around 40% as a Bank Loan. The loan was around INR 20,00,000 and at a point when I reviewed the accounts, I realized I would end up paying INR 56,43,676 if I paid promptly, which is 282% of the money I borrowed.

I have recently answered a question in Quora about the financial mistakes of Indian. Below is the link.



In India, if someone doesn’t own a Home or a Car is considered to be an unsettled man. This mirage is a perilous situation. Most of the Parents and Parent-in-Laws forced their kids for a lifelong commitment and destroy their happiness solely. A car is considered to be a risk for an average middle-class man. And still moving further the society forces them to go for a Home, say 1 Bed or 2 Bed in the city. Usually, I say when the Girls want NO DOWRY SYSTEM, the Boys also should be accepted in NO SETTLED STATE. Expecting 3 Bed House, posh car, International Vacations, Highly Qualified Education, Permanent Job, Hefty Bank Balance and others from boys with a condition of No Dowry is partiality. And these Girls do understand the same, whereas the Parents of the Girl fail to understand this and always wanted to give the best to their Little Princess. Anyway, that would deviate the topic.

Now, going for the mortgage in the United Kingdom is straight forward and quite cheaper when compared to India or other Asian countries. The UK starts the mortgage from 1.49% to 6.44% and even more, which I didn’t even consider for analysis. At the end of 35 years, I would end up paying 142% of the money which I borrowed. This figure is almost half the total of Indian figures.


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