Moving Country is Challenging & Turns out to be the Best of Better Decisions – Moved to London, United Kingdom

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This Phase of the process was really tiring me physically. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to go for Rental Property and visited numerous properties for Rent. Ended with a no show for all the properties because of the stringent conditions and/or minimum commitment period specified by the Landlord. Since day 1, I had been meticulous in entering into contracts or agreements with a specified tenure. But, still, my hunt was in progress, and it experienced a fathom shift from Rental Property to Sale Property.

The next decision I was forced to take was between Flat or Maisonette or Detached House or Semi-Detached House or Mansions or Terraced Houses or Bungalows. I am so poor that I cannot afford Mansions or Bungalows. Narrowed the options for Flats or Maisonettes. Even though the maisonettes were cheap, came with a garage, garden and no service fee, I preferred for the Flat as I am single and had a very less time to spend on the maintenance. Finally, I made my decision to go for an APARTMENT FLAT.

I visited a property which was available from November for rent in Harrow. All I did was with the Public Transport system (thanks for Transport for London – TfL and London Mayor), and I spent only £4.50 every day without the peak or off-peak fares. I felt the London was very well connected and it didn’t need private transport until it is a group or family members accompanying. There is also a reason why I choose public transport, it is just to measure the accessible distance. Basically and fundamentally, I am one of the laziest guys and don’t want to take a long way back home.

I did some research online too, pulled the legs of most of my folks in finalizing the property visits and many such. Distinctly, most of them ignored specific base points, assuming I would know that.

From an estate agent from Manchester, I happened to see a property listed in Harrow, London. I seemed bit weird and felt how they can co-ordinate, but still, with a blind trust, I gave a request to the Estate Agent. The agent, in communication with the property seller, confirmed the appointment and made the schedule to visit the property. I visited the property after a very long travel from my Hotel to my office in Central London and to my friends home in Enfield, and then to this property. Initially, I was shocked to see the property had a toddler.

In the course of my research, I heard that property having infants, toddlers, kids and pets are not recommended. Maybe, I will also have a kid in the future, and that shouldn’t be the option for the discrimination as per my choice. I had a pet, and obviously, that shouldn’t raise my eyebrows. To my shock, the home was very well maintained with usual wears and tears. The Indian Judgemental mind made me visit the washroom before finalizing the property. The property passed all the evaluation criteria now. I asked my folks to make the initial check of the property and property tenants(owners) which was all clear. I gave clearance and gave an offer to the estate agents, which was realistically impossible. After 3 rounds, we came for a final price.

Yes, I was glad to hear from the estate agent that “Congratulations Sir, your offer has been accepted by the buyer!”.

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