Conversation with future Spouse – 30 Areas – 300+ Questions

Conversation with Future Spouse by Kokula Krishna Hari Kunasekaran Kae Kae

Way back in 2016, I was writing about the list of questions which needs to be asked to a Future Spouse before freezing our lives full of commitments and others. I was quite very busy at that time but did very good drafting at those times which had been a bible for most of my batchmates and colleagues while choosing their better halves. Most of them appreciated for my work, while a few scolded me for advising and not practising. Be is a Man or Women, the process of making a decision involves various factors. No one is the ideal match and no one is perfect including me.

Life isn’t all about interrogation or questioning. But also, matching the equivalency is important. In this post, I have compiled some of the questions, which I induced my folks about what to ask and what not to ask. Try asking some day by day, not all at once. If asked, I am not responsible for any collateral damages caused.

No one can define a set of questions for the better half and specifically, women are nurtured with bundles of questions. I am not concentrating on the complex riddle based questions which your wife may ask in your life. These questions are just the conversation initiator for any relationship, mostly romantic life locking relationships. A minute silence and salute to all those who are trying to achieve their PhD level in conversation with these questions.

It is not that everyone should answer every question but few variables like “I don’t want to answer”, “Hmmm…”, “OK”, “Pass…”, “Lolz…”, “K”, and other such should be accumulated to see the conversation levels. Also, the time frame to answer the question matters.

All the Best Folks!!!


  • Are there cosmetic procedures that you regularly undergo?
  • Do you feel that you can have good chemistry with someone who is moderately physically attractive to you, or is a strong physical attraction necessary? Has physical appearance or chemistry ever been a factor in the breakup of a relationship?
  • Do you go to the Gym? How much time do you spend there?
  • Do you worry about getting old? Do you worry about losing your looks?
  • How important is it that you always look your best?
  • How important is your spouse’s appearance? Do you have strong preferences about being with a particular physical type?
  • How much money do you spend on Artistic and Makeups every year?
  • How much money do you spend on clothing every year?
  • Is weight control important to you? Is your spouse’s weight important to you? What would your reaction be if your partner were to gain a significant amount of weight?
  • What do you like and dislike about your appearance? When you were a child, were you often complimented or shamed about your looks?
  • What would your reaction be if your spouse lost a limb? A breast? How would you handle this loss?
  • Which skin tone colour do you love? Wheatish or Black or Brown?

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