Getting complimentary Tickets (Kochadaiyaan)

Always while on the office, I use to sleep if it is early or too late. Something happened to me today. They stopped me near Mayajaal and few group of people saw my car with torch lights. They asked my driver to step-out. I thought it could be some robbery and was happy that there was nothing in my car except Rs. 72 in my wallet.

They got a signature from him and had given 2 tickets for Kochadaiyaan movie dated 24th May, 2015. I denied it and said it could be something for pranking and threw it off. One of my office staff said it is a valid ticket and he confirmed it from Mayajaal. Who they were and other questions started arising. So decided to take ECR back today, when I crossed there was no one or even a trace of it. I asked one of the tea shop about this and later he revealed that some volunteers come early in the morning or late night and see if both Driver and Co-Driver are wearing seat belt and give some gifts.

Anyway, I decided not to utilize the ticket because it may be some security issue also and gave it to my colleague who verified it.

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