Chennai City Traffic Cop won me by Getting INR 10 as bribe

On last Saturday, I was quite busy with some official work at Chennai and suddenly got the email from ICICI Bank offering me some coupon to watch movie in Chennai. So immediately went online and booked a movie at Phoenix Market City. Since I was at Madhya Kailash, took a left crossing Raj Bhavan to reach Phoenix mall.

While coming around Velacherry bye pass road, I was bit confused and tried to peep out of the car to see if there is any NO U TURN sign. To my view there was nothing such. Addingly I saw many two wheelers and T – Board vehicles are making a U turn. So with the guts, I made a U Turn as usual. In approx 150 meters, there was a SI and PC who blocked my car. That SI came near to me and asked for Driving License and Insurance Papers. He got them and went away. After few minutes he came near to me and demanded Rs. 300. I asked why, he said it is a NO U TURN and was showing me a board which was around 200 meters from the signal. I refused saying that he was key instrumental in making to escape numerous Chennai number-plate based vehicles.

I asked him to give challan so that I can ask my office staffs to pay him tomorrow. He refused saying that the Asst. Commissioner wants minimum 60 cases to be filed everyday and I am one among that. Later after negotiation, he came for INR 100 as a minimum fine. Now, am outburst of my patience. I refused to pay that saying I don’t have money in my wallet. I said I will pay it atleast after going to the ATM. He asked me to leave the car and asked me to walk, I said NO. It was his fault for having a machine which was not compatible for Credit Card / Debit Card transactions.

I justified him by showing my wallet, he saw a torn and damaged INR 10 in my wallet and others were foreign currencies. He asked me to atleast give that INR 10 and the balance INR 90 will be paid by him. With a good-will and the moment how he begged me got that INR 10 for him.

Finally he cursed me that my car will get punctured in the main road, I will die-off in the accident and so on. In this world even a pure virgin women’s curse is not getting executed, how this innocent police man’s curse is going to be executed? I reached safely home without even a small disturbance.

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