Conversation with future Spouse – 30 Areas – 300+ Questions

Conversation with Future Spouse by Kokula Krishna Hari Kunasekaran Kae Kae

Way back in 2016, I was writing about the list of questions which needs to be asked to a Future Spouse before freezing our lives full of commitments and others. I was quite very busy at that time but did very good drafting at those times which had been a bible for most of my batchmates and colleagues while choosing their better halves. Most of them appreciated for my work, while a few scolded me for advising and not practising.

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Hypermobility – Sick & Sad darker side of a Traveler

When people meet me, they ask me this redundant question about travel and most of them express their jealousness on hearing my hypermobility. Elite forms of movement, such as for business, holidays or diplomatic journeys, are largely shown in a positive light in contemporary societies. Although there is unevenness in the portrayal of corporeal mobilities with growing fear over epidemiological threats facilitated through global mobility, negative representations of flight from poverty and persecution and the problematizing of irregular migration, mobility

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Do we need to be hurt more to remove someone from our life?

“Do we need to be hurt more to remove someone from our life?” – This title maybe bit weird for someone but it is the one which plays hugely with one’s emotional content. Always February 19 every year is a bit deadly for me and by the chance or other I lose someone either Physically or Emotionally. In 2010, it was missing someone physically from this world, and in 2013 I lost someone emotionally; repeated the same in 2016 and now again

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Graduation Day Commencement Speech @ Sri Lanka

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 10 Seconds / Speech Time: 9 Minutes 4 Seconds Today, the day of your official transformation from Quantity to Quality carried away by this 9 grams of paper shielded in 140 grams of the holder is going to be a stronger date in your entire life. For most of them, it may be an end card, where for some it would be a beginning. Everyone is comfortable in their timezone; where time is linear and life

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