Shouldering a Girl for Half-a-Journey to the United Kingdom

Every Journey in my life counts and my very recent Journey to the United Kingdom was really more impressive and soul-satisfying. Stop Judging me with the above statement. This is my 100th post and if you didn’t get me till now, a hard regret for your understanding ability. After a very long-time in-service, I happened to fly in Jet Airways from New Delhi, India to London, United Kingdom. It was a quite long travel for around 9 hours and 10

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Indian Friendship – Trust & Respect

More than a decade, the real fruit of acquiring a friend was missed in my life. In a friendship trust and respect are the only components, others are not even into the list. The blossoming period of life, the school thought me much in India but failed to teach me life lessons. And, being an Indian Kid, I had been constantly controlled, monitored and directed whom to speak with and whom not to. Not limited to the gender, there was

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Nail Theory / Nail Therapy

Thought of writing about the Nail Theory which indicates that require Nail Therapy immediately. We see our nails every day but we don’t care about them. This isn’t ignorance, instead, it is least priority scaling. With few illustrations (stolen from somewhere 😛 ), I thought of enlighting everyone. If you find any of these identifications, take the steps to ratify.

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Average Indian Life

Indians Life are very interesting. Starting from pushing to choose friends to writing will, nothing happens on their own. Here is a compilation which says about the Average Indian Life. Just born, receives a slap on the butt. Injections and vaccinations. Rubs shit on the body, stinks. Sleeps between parents, ruins their sex life. Thrown into pre-nursery school at the age of 2 years. School interviews, admission. Has to carry the load of a bag like a donkey. Exams, insults,

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3 Years of Policy Making & Strategy Execution Expertise comes to an end

It has been more than 60 days from my last post, I was thinking to write about various things, but the transition from one position to another is always the complicated one as everyone is aware of. And that too imagine an execution level people transitioning in the Governmental or Non-Governmental is really such painful and a time-consuming one. And the title of the post almost quotes the end point of my cycle at the high-level office. It doesn’t mean

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Conversation with future Spouse – Part 6/28 – Home Management

Home Management Conversation with a Spouse Kokula Krishna Hari K

Home Management is sometimes misunderstood that it’s the duty of women. But it is not actually. Here are few questions which needs to be asked before setting up the home or ensuring that your home is compatible enough for your future spouse. Did you have a paying job when you were in high school? Before high school? Do you believe in establishing a family budget? Do you believe in prenuptial agreements? Under what circumstances? Do you believe that a certain

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Conversation with future Spouse – Part 3/28 – Appearances / Looks

Always ageing is a factor which appears on the skin leaving a strong traces of love and affection which one possessed during the span. So, this is more important. Are there cosmetic procedures that you regularly undergo? Do you feel that you can have good chemistry with someone who is moderately physically attractive to you, or is a strong physical attraction necessary? Do you have strong preferences about being with a particular physical type? Do you worry about getting old?

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Conversation with future Spouse – Part 2/28 – Friends Network

Here comes my Part 2 of the art of conversation with your future spouse. Some questions which would be highly interesting for them to answer are here as follows regarding to their friends and their network. Are your friendships as important to you as your life partner is? Do you have a best friend(s)? Do you have a difficult time setting limits with friends? Do you see a close friend or friends at least once a week? Do you speak

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Conversation with future Spouse – Part 1/28 – Work Life

Conversation with future Spouse - Part 1/28 - Work Life by Kokula Krishna Hari K

The Art of Conversation with your upcoming spouse is one of the most highly regarded topics. Sometimes people like me are frightened to speak out to the upcoming partner. As well as you shouldn’t bore them too, here I thought of throwing the questions which one can use to find the opportunity to develop the conversation. WORK LIFE Are you working in your chosen field? Do you consider your work a career or just a job? Has your work ever

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