Expectational Trust – Factor of Life

In our life, we always have expectations and trust in someone or some situations. When it combines together, it gives the blend of Expectational Trust. It differs from person to person and situation to situation how we are attached with the person or situation.

When someone breaches this expectational trust, it should be learnt that they are trying to emotionally hack. Technologically, they want us to lower our values and get it happened. I recently remember speaking about this at my book release ceremony which happened at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when someone asked about my personal loss because of the smartphone.

There are lots of live examples when we go for a restaurant with a friend and if he knows that you missed your wallet, he should pay for it immediately. Should not wait until we ask out for the bill payment. And there are some more worst people to whom even after asking out, they will refuse to pay showing off. They expect us to beg to pay or make some alternative source for the payment even after knowing all the background.

Kokula Krishna Hari K an Indian born in Pondicherry, South India in the 1980's is a pure veteran with acquired knowledge in Business Administration, Computer Research and Entrepreneurship.

Kae Kae or KK or Kokula Krishna Hari is a strong Public Policy and Strategic Expert. All the contents and views expressed in this Blog are personal and nowhere represents his official comments or associated with his Professional Associations.

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