Shouldering a Girl for Half-a-Journey to the United Kingdom

Every Journey in my life counts and my very recent Journey to the United Kingdom was really more impressive and soul-satisfying. Stop Judging me with the above statement. This is my 100th post and if you didn’t get me till now, a hard regret for your understanding ability.

After a very long-time in-service, I happened to fly in Jet Airways from New Delhi, India to London, United Kingdom. It was a quite long travel for around 9 hours and 10 minutes.

Since it was my own money, I flew in Economy Class and got my preferred seat. I got a window seat on the 38th row. A descriptive is shown in the below image, but not the actual seatmap.

With last few passengers left behind boarding the aircraft, I arrived at the gate and boarded the aircraft. Was really happy to see that my next seat is empty and frequent travellers can surely feel its pleasure. OMG! The pleasure didn’t last long. A mid 20’s girl was searching for her seat with a small handbag. She arrived near my seat and claimed that she was assigned with the Window seat. I didn’t mind, still, I was stubborn as I never bother the value of the seats. She had cried for a very long time, which I could infer from her reddish face. Since she had cried, it doesn’t mean that I need to donate my seat. After the counter-argument, she occupied the adjacent seat of mine which was actually assigned for her.

In less than 10 minutes, she went deep into her sleep and less than 15 minutes she was on my right shoulder. The crew member who saw this made a small smile and tried to help me out. But she got hold of my right arm like a monkey on the branch and slept. After 3 or 4 attempts, the crew gave up and I too left it as it was not really harming me. Almost for half the flight, she was pampered and shouldered. When she woke up, she regretted and started crying again.

“Asking personal or private information without being disclosed is a big sin and embrassing!” – One of my Anonymous Friend

So, ignored and was working on my laptop. The conversation started, and it was she who initiated the conversation.

Crew: What Drink do you like to have Sir?

Me: Thanks. If possible get me a diet coke?

Crew: Sure sir. We also have the beer, Wine, Whisky!

Me: Thanks. I don’t take them. Get me a diet coke without ice.

She (jumped into the conversation without an invite): Why? If he doesn’t drink, get his portion also for me. Get me 2 cognacs.

Crew (with a wild smile): Sure mam.

She started mocking at me with her cheap look and after having 2 shots of it and started the conversation with me, which I was literally not interested to hear from a drunken woman. She started saying about her family background and how peacefully they were living and how she got migrated into the United Kingdom after her MBA and other things which I was partially hearing and listening to “Inkem Inkem Kavaley”, a song from Geetha Govindam, an Indian movie.

At one point, her talk interested me. She was saying how his brother left his family to find a girl of his choice and how it affected her family badly. I paused the song to listen to her. According to her, her brother was a Doctor with MD (Dermatology) and was earning a very good money in Bangalore, India. The parents were pampered very well because of both her UK salary and brother’s salary. Her brother was in mid 30’s it seems and not married because of the greedy parents and her dad’s brother who sponsored his studies to recover back the money invested on these two kids. At a maximum point, her brother went back and married a girl of his choice who was from another caste. This gave a breakdown for the family and her father collapsed and mother was bedridden. This girl’s father’s brother disposed of the body of her dad without informing her or her brother. Since her dad didn’t pick the call for almost 4 days, she rushed from the UK to meet her dead dad. When she reached home, she heard all the story and went to meet her brother.

Her brother didn’t even allow her inside the home assuming that she was there to separate him from his newly wedded wife. After 2 hours of struggle, she went to see her mother in the hospital where a very average treatment was given. So, she had to transfer her mother to a very good hospital and arrange some money for the expenses. She was on the way back to the UK to get some loans and other aid from their friends.

This made me more emotional and condoled her that everything will be alright. Till the end, neither of us asked for the name or any information. She said, you had been so gentle in hearing my situation and being very nice without misusing the situation, but the media claims that Indian men and India are dangerous.

I was into cloud 9 when she said this and I said in Canada Business Women Summit that all the Indian Men aren’t dangerous and pervert!

Kokula Krishna Hari K an Indian born in Pondicherry, South India in the 1980's is a pure veteran with acquired knowledge in Business Administration, Computer Research and Entrepreneurship.

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