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Celebrating one’s birthday is a unique event that’s meant to be shared with loved ones. Birthdays are just like seasons, most of them welcome with open arms, and others may take a little warming up to. But to mark a milestone, we should be doing something with favourite people in one room to reminisce about the past year and coming year. A typical birthday party for an adult consists of family and friends and usually involves a cake, birthday card, dinner, games, music and much more.

To be more specific in India, we expect Mid-Night calls, Surprises, Fun, Wine and many such things from our most loved and favourite peoples. This cannot be limited but endures the partnership and how strong the bonding is existing between people. A call, email, text, or a personal visit to greet them on this special day is almost required as an annual maintenance task of every individual in all the certainties of Family Bonding, Romantic Bonding and Platonic Bonding.

Diplomacy Linked with Birthday

Robert Frost once said, “A Diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age!”. In the same way, everyone expects wishes from people around them. This unique feeling cannot be described verbally. Though we may claim, we aren’t interested in getting wishes or other sorts, there will be internal happiness unexpressed. If we are prominent in someone’s life, definitely be it any situation, a wish with surprise would be there.

Womens BirthdayA diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age

Removal of my Birthday

With tons and tons of Wishes I personally get every year, Facebook blocks my account, considering am a BOT while responding for the wishes. Last year I decided to remove my Birthday from Facebook so that the people who really wanted to wish me will be profoundly reminded of that day without any external reminders.

While I was writing this, I got the instance profound memories of the past. One of my Friend’s father who was very seriously sick called me in 2017 on my birthday just to wish me from Australia. I was really blessed to have his wishes even while he was in such status. From October 2009, when he came to know about my assistance for his son’s love, he refrained from speaking with me after blasting out a shout on me. Almost 7 years and 9 months, he spoke with me and I was perplexed. Words weren’t coming out of me. Later came to know that was the last call he ever made through.

Quite a few years ago, I stopped celebrating my Birthday to fake the society that I am mature enough and after an emotional breakdown of losing one of the very close emotional attached guy of my life in 2008. We met at my Birthday Celebration in the evening and after that I haven’t met him. And this was grinding at my heads for a long time. Was refraining from celebrating from then. Through some source, one of my friends learnt it and planned to give me a surprise. I was very angry on him because he didn’t even call me or text me wishing my Birthday, and the disappointment which we have when something expected is not happening is too much. I was in Government Service and I got a regular call from him asking to come at 5 PM to his office to pick him and it was a usual affair every Friday for me, the only difference was instead of 6 PM it was 5 PM. When asked, he said we need to go to the temple. Agreed. Altered the flight and reached Chennai, India.

Went to the temple and few minutes he played very well that he had some headache and shall we go for a coffee. Agreed. Suggested to be a normal hotel, but he insisted to visit a 5 Star hotel nearby. Smelled something foul enough, but trust on him drove me there. There he had prepared almost 5 KG my favourite flavoured cake with almost none, I was forced to cut the cake. Tears broke down my eyes and was condoled just like a school going kid adamant on the first day of the school. All I remember was his constant repetition “Everyone are watching you KK moron, get back!”. Executed the action and shared the cake with him and the Employees of the Hotel.

Was terribly tired for some reason on that day. Wanted to skip the Dinner, but he pulled me for a movie promising me to get my favourite stuff from Sathyam Cinemas. My addiction rowed me into it and went for the movie. After having the Sathyam Popcorn which was Masala Flavored, I went to drop him back at his home around 2 AM. He used to drive the car when I am alone as he was a greater confident of me. While getting down, God, he took the car keys along with him. He asked me to stay at his home as I was not fit for driving back to Pondicherry that day. I refused as I don’t even visit his home though being known for almost half a decade. He finally won and made my day one of the most pleasant and wonderful. Definitely, it is more remarkable and one of the things I would mention to my future.

From that day, whenever it is my close people’s Birthday, I plan to cut the cake at any tiring efforts. Though I cannot really make time for all or spend for everyone, I am quite successful in making it to at least my very close and important people of my lifetime.

Update: I got numerous messages asking about my reciprocation for my ice-breaker friend. Here it is:

After a few days, I realized that it was his Birthday coming up. It was his longtime goal to plan to visit Bangkok, Thailand which was routed on seeing my earlier Facebook photo of sitting is a Tiger on my lap. Thought of taking him there for his 25th Birthday. Asked him to bring his completely idle passport to my home for some vicious reasons which I don’t even remember. And, he had too much trust in me and without even asking other things, he brought it. Applied with the Royal Thai Embassy, Chennai for a Visit / Tourist VISA and gave him a surprise of the tickets, VISA and my leave approval letter. With usual melee, he accepted for the travel and subsequently applied for leave at his office which was too approved. Took him to Bangkok and roamed like a nomad for few days ahead of his birthday.

Birthday Cake Bangkok Kokula Krishna Hari KK

The above was the cake brought by Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom, Thailand on my request. Woke him up at 1 AM and made him cut the cake at 1.05 AM which was his exact birth time. After that, he started with a Beer, went through wine and finished with Vodka. There was a basic treaty before starting from India for this trip about satisfying a Blind Wish on his Birthday which was well executed at KFC and our room which paralyzed me for more than 30 hours on the day night. The wish which demanded was quite perilous but it was just a one-time affair and it was OK for me as I am quite sure he would take care of me if something goes wrong. Still, a mind-refreshing activity.

From Cake to Wishes to Demands to Calls to Texts and now no contact!

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