What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P3

In the continuation to my older posts : P1, P2 The mentality of each and every parent is that their ward needs to earn a minimum of 500 USD every month post their education. But there are many factors which the parents fail to understand. All the education will not give such salary in India. Before that its the student’s and college responsibility to explain their parents and their investors respectively about the process of getting a job. Here both

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Element 117 in Periodic Table Confirmed

This was one my favorite during my 10th Standard. Use to memorize the entire stuff from T2B. Later it got diminished as the years passed by. I could still recollect how we wasted the salts, strong acids, weak acids in the Chemistry Lab without the knowledge of the Lab Assistants. The periodic table has been extended, with the announcement of the confirmation of the yet to be named element 117. In 2010 a US Russian collaboration announced they had produced

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