What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P3

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The mentality of each and every parent is that their ward needs to earn a minimum of 500 USD every month post their education. But there are many factors which the parents fail to understand. All the education will not give such salary in India.

Before that its the student’s and college responsibility to explain their parents and their investors respectively about the process of getting a job. Here both the parties fail in the expectation.

The horrible stuff is that the student is not even eligible for getting a basic job in the company and he / she demands for it. And there are some more critical positions which is being admitted by the candidate with false affirmation. “A candidate of Chemical Engineering is posted into the Software Testing zone”. What do you feel about this idiotic statement and how far will he be able to get the output? Even if he delivers the output what will be the ratio which he renders? Doesn’t this feels very bad? He spoils the opportunity what a Computer Science graduate needs to get.

Just do a simple evaluation on how many students are still having their resume with Skills as “HTML, Microsoft Word, C, MS Paint” and so on? If you have such into your resume, please be sure that you are not fit for getting a job nor a career into the research. These stuffs are now being performed even by a 3rd Grade Student and for this it doesn’t requires a 3 or 4 years study.

Student and Institute should never stick for the job and placements instead they should move for Research and Entrepreneurship.

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