Characteristics of a Drunk / IP

Disclaimer: I am a non-drinker!

Drinking alcohol with close ones is more important for the self-evaluation. Without addiction, a normal occasional drinking is perfectly fine. Even during those times, it is recommended for a perfect brand without adulteration. I thought of writing all my experiences of being with Drunk and Intoxicated and Intimate Persons.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, we use to address them as VIP on first vision. VIP claims to the abbreviation of identification of Visually Intoxicated Person.

Here are few of the Characteristics:

  • Growing tolerance: A good thing [ 😀 ] is that they can accept any quantity of verbal abuse.
  • Changes in Appearance: Sitting position changes.
  • Abrupt Swingy Mood: Changes mood frequently.
  • Impulsivity: Makes a decision without thinking.
  • Manipulative Behaviour: For an additional drink they will carve.
  • Neglectfulness: Ignores sensitive information.
  • Difficulty feeling Uncomfortable / Weird: They don’t feel the uncomfortable or weirdness in both words and actions.
  • Risk Seeking Behaviour: Start exploring things which are not their normal pattern.
  • Low sense of self-esteem: They feel a bit low in their self-esteem about their Education, Health and Wealth.
  • Anti-social: They tend to be bit lucrative.
  • Grandiosity: They imagine the world revolves around them.
  • Insecurity: Some shed tears on the terms of understanding the insecurity.
  • Wavy voice Tone: They either speak too loud or too low causing the abnormality.

All in a nut-shell, they are what they are! No faking, no drama!

Here is a small 50 Characteristics reference:

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