Demystifying Marriage Portals of India – Exposing the unsaid Truths of those Business Operations

The marriage system from India is completely different from that of the entire world, known to me. The concept of Arranged Marriage is existing widely in India than the Love Marriage. India relies only on the Arranged Marriage because the parents mostly think that their wards aren’t capable of making the right decision. But the fact is that parents are bad at making those decisions and their son/daughter adjust, compromise and resilient themselves from coming out of the situations.

In India, after matching caste, subcaste, gothra, horoscope, profession, salary, acres of land, property, bank balance, education, schooling, number of relatives abroad, skin color, weight, height, shape of dosa, dowry value, and eventually getting married after seeking the approval of every tom aunt, dick mama and all the fufu in the relative circle –

Poor couples post captions like “True Love”, “Made for Each Other”, “Match Made in Heaven”


With my case as an example, I failed in getting associated with a very good partner for various reasons. Of all of those, I was concentrating on my career building my empire; the second of it was that I gave very little effort to those items of my life. And, the most important was I respected women a lot which made me refrain from bugging them. Hence, I failed in finding the right partner in all the areas where I had an excellent opportunity.

Like a usual boy, I gave the responsibility of hunting a girl to my parents when I was 23. They failed badly than me. My parents weren’t able to follow the growth which I exhibited from time-to-time. They weren’t able to completely understand my requirements and were entrusting every tom, dick and harry for suggestions and compatible better half for me. After various attempts, I accepted to create online profiles for myself by my colleagues and a very close to heart friend of mine.

My profile started floating in BharatMatrimony, TamilMatrimony, TeluguMatrimony, TamilShaadi, Shaadi, IndiaShaadi, KeralaMatrimony, CommunityMatrimony, Jeevansathi, SimplyMarry, and various other such. All these portal knew that the people are hunting for others and are expert in making money all the way of initiating conversation and viewing contacts and much more. When I logged into them, I found they were missing the GDPR Information. My colleagues/well-wishers/friends, after hearing this said that they will manage my profile on my behalf by regulating the sharing of contact information.

The game began there. Every day, over 100+ phone calls back-to-back asking for upgrading the plans, offering Elite services, and most promptly “Beautiful Girls in Chennai are waiting to Marry you. Their profile matches 100% with yours. Contact xxxxx xxxxx for quick matching!” messages in my inbox were flooding. Most of you here can link the texts like, “You have won $500,000 from RBI” or others. Yes, exactly I found the same way. Though, I was intimidated by my folks and kept calm.

After a basic vetting, My Profile Manager(will name henceforth for the great guy and friend who suggested me to hunt the girl in such platforms) suggested investing some time and money in this hunting process as it was a life-changing decision. Along with this moron, I had a few others joining from different continents advising about the same. I reviewed a few profiles and found too much mismatching information like Photoshopped Images, over-expectation like 75 Lakhs to 1 Crore as Salary for 2 Lakhs salary drawing power profiles and others. Also, I received interests from profiles like “I am colour blind, please accept me!”, “I don’t have both legs, doctors said they can cure it in the UK and please share me your WhatsApp number!”, and the highlight was “I am Barren Women and I am impressed with your profile, please let me know if you are OK!”. The highlight was that in those profiles, there was no mention of Physical Handicapped.

On the other hand, I received over cautious parent messages like the one on the right. The father was a Retired AVSM – Indian Air Force! Even they don’t know what to ask and how to ask the potential boy who is going to come to their family. Not everyone is exceptionally decent enough. On the same note, I am not such a good guy for this type of immature and unseemliness fathers, in general. At a point, this father ran away blocking my contact. When my potential father-in-law cannot survive my 1 text, I wonder how he will be able to manage me for a lifetime.

Everyone wants the best life, while I am not such a drunkard or chain-smoker or drug addict or womanizer, these much of stubborn questions doesn’t mean their purpose. If money was my only goal, when I turn around tomorrow, there would be nothing much to rejoice about in life. Also, if I earn INR 300,000 monthly in India from a job, just imagine how much efforts a 30s guy should deliver to achieve it.  The parents of these days, fail to understand and expect their sons-in-law to earn equal or higher than them which trades in life-impacting factors on their wards.

Anyway, not distracting, these types of typical dads are available in the matrimony portal who are over-cautious about the future of their daughters.

In another case, I learnt that the Indian Parents don’t know “The Art of saying NO” basically. This is common for everyone which includes even my parents. They always want a reason to say it or they keep digging the grave to collapse everyone by assassinating the character of either the boy or girl. They fail to understand that most of the decisions in life don’t need an explanation.

There is always a spark that comes instantly between the to-be-soon couples and the vibes cannot be judged or anticipated. It is a wonderful miracle that cannot be changed in the future and a kind of love at first sight. That never fades out so easily.

Also, the other biggest scam that these companies do operate it that equal membership for both families. For instance, if am an Elite or Premium member of the matrimony site, and I have sent an interest to a girl’s profile, the service team pops-in instantly flooding asking me to pay for Horoscope, more photographs, birthdate, birth time, parents contact number, girl’s contact number, education information and so on. Again, they keep calling the other party also for the same.

In the end, if all went well it is collateral damage for both families as one. This type of modus operandi to earn out of the Indian’s money is a scam busted mining hard-earned money by showing some profiles.

The biggest of all is that, usage of deleted profile photographs and information. These sites give very few contact numbers per package, when we call them they say that the profile was deleted and son/daughter got married and have a kid. This was the response that we got from many profiles out of 120 or 130 numbers contacted. Another majority of the case was invalid number or number not in use. Mostly if you go for International Numbers, this was the response who signed up using fake numbers or randomly generated numbers.

These tactics work out very well in India as the parents are still in the traditional model and institutes having the Indian division style of separating boys and girls. Outreach and non-stopping compliance followed by constant monitoring is required.

All the best and share your inputs in your comments.

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