Crush with Air-Hostess

This is a very common feel which will be experienced by each and every first time airline flyer. The person who says “Welcome, can I help you?” is a very big crush which they feel in their lifetime. Yes, today I happened to watch Bangalore Days with my colleagues. As similiar to Nivin Pauly, even I have experienced the same feel. Though my first flying experience was when I was too young, I didn’t feel it and this become used.

But eventhen, there was a chase for me 😀 😛 This happened two years ago when I traveled from Hong Kong to some unknown destination (Forgot It 🙁 ), there was a air-hostess in Dragon Air whose name was “Vicky”. She was trying to learn my name and I was explaining her that her name was sounding like a male name. Almost spent around 2 hours.

Most of them who are flying with me have a crush with minimum atleast 1 or 2 Air Hostess. Though they aren’t aware that Air hostess will not travel with everyone, but still they develop the crush and waste their time.

Finally, it is a Passing Cloud.

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