Bangkok – How I got arrested and released in minutes?

Bangkok, the divine place for the bachelors and even some of the married persons. I frequently visit the place for various purposes like my office and transit to other countries. Even-though people sometimes who aren’t aware of my position initially think with a glitch about my frequent visit to Bangkok, later realize how important my position is and how it is being monitored every minute by minute.

But those are apart as I never bother about them and I am committed for my self-control move not only at Bangkok, instead across the Globe.

Recently, as usual I was there to Bangkok. Generally, I use to have a team of people who work in my office assisting various moves at the Hotel where I stay as well as in my office. It was a early morning and I had a very bad hard decision making stuffs the previous night so wasn’t able to sleep, I was thinking about it. Since, I was jobless, I went too early for the breakfast at the Hotel.

In the morning, it was literally untimely for my BF (Breakfast). So planned to walk few yards. I was walking to the State Tower Building where my bank is located so casually that I was not wearing any blazer or shoes. When I got down from my hotel, I saw few people with shorts speaking tamil. It was a superb mix of American Culture and Indian Culture. Wearing a shorts, some torn t-shirt and mouth flushing with pan masala. I could smell their native with their language slang of representing tamil, that they could be from Thirunelveli or Thoothukudi. On crossing few feet from the hotel, there was a junction (Surasak Junction) which would be very busy all the time. I was waiting there for almost a couple of minutes. Suddenly there were two Police vehicles which stopped near us. It took those 4 Indians / Tamilians into their custody and pulled them into their car. Instantly, another cop who was in the second car also instructed the lower cops to take me into the custody. Was puzzled about the action, but wanted to co-operate since I have never saw the prison in my lifetime. They took me to a police station which would be around 10 minutes of travel from that location instead of taking me to Yan Nawa Police Station which is just 300 meters from the Hotel. I was also enjoying the ride as I was going in the Red and Blue beacon car.

But still was puzzled about the further actions. Thank god, I remember the contact number of the PM there. I was taken inside the Police Station, it was Air-Conditioned and maintained at 18° C. As soon as I entered the PC at the front-desk asked for the names of all the 5 accused including me. I asked him what is the charge against me? But he wasn’t able to understand my language it seems. He was laughing and said something to the others. The other 4 people were jumping like a monkey in the Police Station and were crying that they need to go home. I have saw those stuffs in the Vittalachariya’s movies like flying to the ceiling, holding the window rods and acting.

Now, it was a breath taking as I saw a telephone there. I was showing the cops that I need to make a call. With a buffer English they said “No International”. I took some strain to convey that I am going to make a domestic call to my PM. They said, “OK”. I called up to Kemplong Municief to the station. He said that he will arrive there in 10 minutes and I was counting at the clock. He came down in 7 minutes and spoke something with them. Like Basha film, the cops stood up and came to and offered a chair to sit. Within few minutes, they showed up the gesture for me to leave the station.

But I was curious about learning what happened and why did they add me as a accused and about the other 4 tamilian status. After questioning, Kemp said to me that there were 5 people from India who gave fake currencies at the Hotel for their stay and Bhoom Bhoom (Thai Sensational Massage). Seeing their face, it didn’t seem to have committed that crime. So, with the support of Kemp I went back to the Station and asked to those 4 accused about the accusing. They were too poor people, as such they were thinking that they are arrested for enjoying Thai Sensational Massage.

I explained them the reason for withholding, they started refusing. I requested Kemp to communicate this to the cops and help them to be freed. He initially refused it but, later after my request he accepted it. On expediting, we came to know that there is a fake note ATM where these people withdrew the currency and a fake note exchange center opposite to their Hotel where they exchanged a huge amount around ฿ 50,000 for their expenditure. After handing over all the fake notes to the police, they set these Indian Tamilians free. They thanked a lot and cancelled their agenda.

Bangkok is really a place where only the people who are with a good knowledge of cross-country can live by. Regularly I am reading the stories of woman emptying the pockets of man in Bangkok. The reason for this could be only the tourister who visits Bangkok or Thailand so casually. When they are going around, they should go to a very safe location and safe exchange centers.

Kokula Krishna Hari K an Indian born in Pondicherry, South India in the 1980's is a pure veteran with acquired knowledge in Business Administration, Computer Research and Entrepreneurship.

Kae Kae or KK or Kokula Krishna Hari is a strong Public Policy and Strategic Expert. All the contents and views expressed in this Blog are personal and nowhere represents his official comments or associated with his Professional Associations.

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