Anniversary of my First Ruined Personal Trip

I am glad to meet you all through my blog after a long gap, which I am highly aware of. Last two months had been quite a draining month being busy with moving house and Brexit discussions. Yet, both of them were highly a roller caster and equally competent with each other. I will come up with a separate post about the same later. Today (25th December) was a historic date of my life where I started a worst-ever personal trip in my entire life until now.

Almost in the last 3 decades, I had been on various Diplomatic, Official, Personal and Private trips, but the personal trip in 2018 which started this day was so magnificent that it cannot be erased. Experienced almost the top core of disagreements, disrespects and other forms of “dis” in a fortnight. Also, that trip marked the first instance of me raising the voice over the other crew member who was on the trip with me along with his family member.

Every trip to London excites me like a cream and energies me. That trip was a disaster even though lots of greatest perks were offered and happened. Had a Lunch with a Royal Family member in Edinborough, was in the cockpit after almost 6 years in a row, was invited for various Networking Events and what was not included in it alike other visits? But missed some landmark events in that visit which was not limited like Attending New Year in the Shard, VIP visit to the Madamme Tussauds and many such. None of my trips had ever seen so much of cancellations and downfall in the agenda. The trip gave me loads of insight and other perspectives on what they see and understand.

After all, each and every experience is just teaching in our life. When I recollect the series of events which happened I could proudly now say that all those who were part of that game have completed their period of stay with me. Their part of my life is OVER!

Smart Doorlock Kokula Krishna Hari
Fingerprint enabled Smart Doorlock

Am not sure if I will implement all the learnings immediately, but did a marvellous job doing this tweak at my new home after moving to a different location. Could be funny, but the reality is here! It is an in-progress work picture.

Yes, my home has 2 bedrooms in which one is dedicated to me and my future family while the other is reserved for the Guests who are visiting me from 29th December 2019. Of course, all the locks aren’t fail-proof, but this one came with 50000 locks and unlocks before an error. The super administrative key was also given to me. Still, the moronic questions cannot be answered, but it does serve its purpose.

After registering 2 fingerprints, we need to overwrite the fingerprint to unlock. So, if the lock isn’t enabled it means someone has overwritten the fingerprint. Also, it unlocks in just 0.5 seconds of authenticating the fingerprint.

Above all, it creates a log of all the lock and unlocks in a centralized server with automatic data overwriting after 5000 records. There is no manual edit possible for the records. It came with the timeslot management too, but I haven’t enabled the same. I saw certain questions over my social media about my life comfortness after moving to a new location, before I can come with a new blog about all, you could see all my social media posts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to learn how I am happily leading the life here.

See you all back shortly. Until then, a Merry Christmas and Happy Decennium 2020!

Kokula Krishna Hari K an Indian born in Pondicherry, South India in the 1980's is a pure veteran with acquired knowledge in Business Administration, Computer Research and Entrepreneurship.

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