Tiger’s Prey at New Delhi! How would it have been for tasting Human Blood?

Tiger 3

“I wont take care of Myself,Government should take care of me” Lets look into Delhi Zoo Incident..
1. White Tiger enclosure has three layer Protection .
2. First Understand the basics of Safety.Safety measures are taken to avoid Accidents not deliberate Incidents.
3. Tiger didn’t invade the Victim’s territory,Victim only intruded Tiger’s only territory.
4. Tiger didn’t hunt or attack the Victim even though Victim was in Tiger’s territory.
5. Tiger was only examining the Victim, for the Tiger Victim is “newfound thing ” in his territory not prey. If it was prey then Tiger would have killed the victim at first sight and would have eaten him too.
6. Tiger was in licking space to Victim, Anything like stupid rescue attempts of fire, shouting, stoning will only provoke Tiger.
7. Tranquilizing the Tiger is not possible in that particular situation.
8. To knockout a full grown adult Tiger through Tranquilizer will take atleast 10-15 mins ..
9. Even if we tranquilize the Tiger ,in meantime Tiger would have killed the newfound thing (Victim) in one slap.
10. Tiger is the largest cat of all, Tiger is larger, very powerful than Lions.
11. Tiger will/can kill two lions at a time.
12. The Tiger (Vijay) was well fed and not in hunger, the Tiger has no intention to kill the Victim at first place.
13. Since the Tiger was attacked by The people and the Victim by pelting stones, The Tiger left place with his newfound thing(Victim).
14. Tiger jaw can crush the Human skull easily in fraction of second.
15. Victim would have died in first drag itself.
16. Victim put himself in Unescapable Situation.
17. Only way to Save the Victim was People and the Victim should have been kept quiet and Tiger would have left Victim unharmed since Tiger was staring the Victim for sometime. Zoo keepers could have Drawn out the Staring Tiger by throwing up a live goat or chicken But people spoiled and the Victim spoiled the only chance.
18. Forget about the Fences, Warning signs, Zoo keepers here.. There are Dozen Tigers inside the enclosure.. Do we need anymore Warning than this ???
19. People who ask to rise the walls; first understand onething, Tiger won’t eat, sleep, reproduce unless it feels like it has their own environment. Our Zoos do their best to recreate that!!!
20. Delhi zoo is in exhibit for morethan 50 years, Millions of people visits the same enclosure, now all of a sudden some random guy who deliberately jumped the barricades by ignoring all the warning, knowing that it was the Tigers inside we blame Zoo keepers ??? Seriously ??
21. Have you ever Visited a Zoo ?… if so ,Seriously you think Zoo’s are not safe ??
22. There are one Zoo keeper per enclosure will be present in every Zoo. He has to manage all the visitors on his enclosure. Eyewitness say Zoo keeper also warned the victim at 12.50 pm for leaning against the barricade, while he was managing other visitors at 1 pm, the victim has crossed all the barricades and fallen into enclosure.
23. So, you are seriously suggesting Zoo must appoint 10-15 Zoo keepers per Enclosure to physically stop every single stupid who tries to cross the barricades.. Because Zoo keepers prime purpose of their life is to save the stupids life, because stupids don’t care about theirs?? What if the same stupids who are saved from the Tiger but tries the same in running train or Bus?? Again blame the authorities isn’t?? Because that’s the easiest thing to do!! So we don’t want to correct ourself at any point of time but to blame others…
24. We kill Tigers if he enters in our village or in our area.. but Tigers shouldn’t the do the same?? Good logic and Morality..!! Keep it up!!
25. Tigers are largest cats of all and it needs atleast 3-5 kms of space per Tiger, but still we put them in limited enclosure and that too in group.
26. Tiger is an solitary animal they never live in group. Do u know how much stress it undergoes if we force them to live in groups?? But i don’t go to the point that “Do we need Zoos?” Because Zoos are the one of main bridge between humankind and wild in current scenario. The critically endangered species like white tiger needs to be kept alive in zoo in-order to avoid extinction!!!
27. Now what? Do u want to bring in an argument by saying Visitors will misbehave because we are humans but Zoo keepers must control them since they are from Mars? Hmm? That’s how our thought process work isn’t??
28. Please don’t bring here. They are saved there, this happened in America, that happened in Africa!!! This is India, we are Indians and tell me what is applicable in this situation!!!
29. I’m Pretty Sure that “Mentally ill” concept will arise as it always arises in all Zoo accidents since that’s the only way case will get resolved for officials and family will get compensation!!
30. These people can be categorized in Separate genre! This Tiger Victim is one of the fool belongs this category! I have spoken to many Zoo officials, all the inform me that its almost impossible to control college students since they form group to threaten the sincere officials! I myself a witness of this moronic act in Vandaloor Zoo, Chennai, India!

Watch the Video! Tell me How stop them?


Now People asking me “Will u talk like this if your closed one is in Victim Situation?” Look, its not about what I personally do on my selfishness. This is not about me at all; what I state are facts and reality of the situation! Ofcourse, Humanity is essential But Humanity without Intelligence is the most evil and cruelest of all! I can explain how this works… Let’s take if our Cat in our home gives birth to 8 kittens…!! Consider we all are very very “Humanity” person, if you comfort and bring up all the kittens to become an adult, you are not saving those cats at all.. You are simply threatening the Cat species itself… !!! Because nature doesn’t work in that way. In that 8 kittens, only 2-3 kittens need to become adult, other kittens should/will die one way or another …!!! Because nature wants stronger individual to survive so that Stronger genes passes to future generations! Now, Do you understand Humanity without Intelligence is more danger than anything else??? My simple question to all of you, “If you are not concerned about your safety then who else will?” if someone wants to Die, No matter what! they will find a way to die in one way or another! Let’s stop this blame game for a while atleast… Lets concentrate on real issue! Let’s create some awareness on Social behavior! I feel there is nothing wrong in Video graphing that particular Delhi incident, or else we can never know the truth at all.. Now, Read clearly.. don’t hurry up to misinterprete my lines.. I mentioned Only to that particular incident since no one can help that Boy in that situation except him! There was no chance at all..!! My thought is Simple. “Is there any other safest way other than Self Discipline and well mannered Social behavior?” Again “Humanity without Intelligence is nothing but Poison”. Atlast, “You want to kill a Tiger for being a Tiger? Great! Now What can we do about You being a Moron???”


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