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I was eagerly waiting for the YES Bank to come and step into Pondicherry for almost a year. The benefit on a macro level is that, they offer 7% interest on your idle money in the bank is never offered by any Bank in India. 6% is being offered by IndusInd and Kotak Mahindra known to me.

But always 1% matters for few lakhs. I walked into the branch on a fine evening probably at 4 PM asking for the people to open an account for me. I went with my Passport Copy and PAN Card copy to open. The ops manager introduced himself and had a small chat. He gave a idea about the accounts with Yes Bank and services rendered.

I opened an Savings account with INR 10,000 as minimum balance. I gave a initial funding of INR 25,000 in the last of week of March. I didn’t get any update from the Bank, even though the ops manager and branch manager were keenly following upon it, since I was following and chasing them since it is was the end of the financial year. Somehow, I got it successfully on April 9, 2014.

Their server was little bit slow during the day hours. After almost 7 times of error (Error without any code), I got an SMS saying you have registered successfully. I was happy to see the balances in my account. Almost the pattern of internet banking is very similar to the HDFC Bank. With few bugs in the CSS style, things are perfect.

Money Monitor in yes bank is not upto the mark. Do never subscribe. Go for Money Manager in ICICI Bank in which you can bring-in all the accounts handy.

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