ICICI Bank Complaint Resolving 1

We would have read tons and tons of email and other blogs quoting that ICICI Charges us heavily and so on. Even I have read few of them before I opened the account way back in 2008. Even my mom had the same type of experience when they had the minimum balance requirement as Rs. 5000 for regular savings account. When I was transformed from School to the actual world, I wanted to open an account. She didn’t maintain the balances properly, so it was charged.

My parents opened me an account (Joint) in State Bank of India. I was never convinced since it was Joint and all the intimations were to my mom. I started the account in ICICI Bank Pondicherry when I completed my 12th Standard for a minimum balance of Rs. 10,000. The relationship grew ever since then to a Priority Banking customer of ICICI Bank.

Never complained about the services till date. Recently there were few branch operational grievances for the nearby branch (where I used to transact since it was near to my house). When I highlighted the same to Branch Manager, I wasn’t sure on what account he took it. He acted as if this was one among others and response was too poor. This happened on Saturday afternoon 1 PM.

I tried reaching all the possibilities of explaining him. So, was highly frustrated because of the branch delay I missed a order.  I wrote an email to Ms. Chanda Kochhar. Spontaneously there was response from Mr. Subhendu through text SMS. I was shocked and little bit doubtful whether to offer to appointment to have a call or not. Later I went to his FaceBook profile and ensured that he was working with ICICI and then I blocked my calendar for a meeting with him.

Yes, himself along with his Principal Nodal Officer came into a conversation with me on a Monday morning 10 AM. There was a call recording and at our end I was in the board room for the call recording. I narrated the issue. They said, they will be resolving it shortly.

… Will continue

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