Family – MAN

The above title is published to explain the ultimate moment of an individual being as a FAMILY MAN.

Around 20, a small guy (when compared to my age) was driving a cab for me from Hyderabad to Warangal. His cab wasn’t having the Music Players. I got bored and started chatting with him. He was saying about his transition and his love story of being as Family Man from a Bachelor life. I was enjoying that story since I was a Bachelor ( 😀 )

Finally, while returning, I was bit thirsty and as usual got a Sprite (Soft Drink) to serve my thirst. As he was also travelling with me, I felt he may be thirsty and got him one. I drank almost 50% and had the balance to be used during my travel. It was almost the evening, he didn’t even open that bottle.

While departing, I asked him to drink. The statement said by him was really touching and gave me a idea about the position of a FAMILY MAN. He said, “My Wife and my 1 year old son loves drinking soft-drinks like this, Sprite, Coke, 7UP, Limca and others. I will take this to my home and will drink along with them Sir.” I was stunned for a moment and got him a 2 litres Coke so that he can share with his family.

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