How Air-India escaped from a major accident?

On Sunday evening 13th July 2014, the Air India’s flight AI-144, a B-777, was ready for a routine flight from Newark to Mumbai with 300 passengers and 15 crew. The weather in New Jersey was heavy passing showers here and there. It was a routine departure at about 5 pm (local time) for a long 15-16 hrs flight to Bombay nee Mumbai. The aircraft naturally was at its maximum take off weight, as it was fully loaded with the fuel

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Getting complimentary Tickets (Kochadaiyaan)

Always while on the office, I use to sleep if it is early or too late. Something happened to me today. They stopped me near Mayajaal and few group of people saw my car with torch lights. They asked my driver to step-out. I thought it could be some robbery and was happy that there was nothing in my car except Rs. 72 in my wallet. They got a signature from him and had given 2 tickets for Kochadaiyaan movie

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