Tiger’s Prey at New Delhi! How would it have been for tasting Human Blood?

“I wont take care of Myself,Government should take care of me” Lets look into Delhi Zoo Incident.. 1. White Tiger enclosure has three layer Protection . 2. First Understand the basics of Safety.Safety measures are taken to avoid Accidents not deliberate Incidents. 3. Tiger didn’t invade the Victim’s territory,Victim only intruded Tiger’s only territory. 4. Tiger didn’t hunt or attack the Victim even though Victim was in Tiger’s territory. 5. Tiger was only examining the Victim, for the Tiger Victim

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Sudden Mosquitoes in my Chamber

Almost for a year there was no mosquitoes in my chamber. I had the All-Out Liquidator and threw it out few days ago since there was no mosquitoes in my Chamber. All of a sudden today evening there was 2 mosquitoes in my chamber. I reacted highly like a TV Commercial Advertisement mom on seeing them. Though I understood my stupidity, asked my office perks to get a Liquidator. How daringly these mosquitoes came into my chamber, so left all

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