Conversation with future Spouse – Part 3/28 – Appearances / Looks

Always ageing is a factor which appears on the skin leaving a strong traces of love and affection which one possessed during the span. So, this is more important. Are there cosmetic procedures that you regularly undergo? Do you feel that you can have good chemistry with someone who is moderately physically attractive to you, or is a strong physical attraction necessary? Do you have strong preferences about being with a particular physical type? Do you worry about getting old?

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Conversation with future Spouse – Part 2/28 – Friends Network

Here comes my Part 2 of the art of conversation with your future spouse. Some questions which would be highly interesting for them to answer are here as follows regarding to their friends and their network. Are your friendships as important to you as your life partner is? Do you have a best friend(s)? Do you have a difficult time setting limits with friends? Do you see a close friend or friends at least once a week? Do you speak

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