Conversation with future Spouse – Part 2/28 – Friends Network

Here comes my Part 2 of the art of conversation with your future spouse. Some questions which would be highly interesting for them to answer are here as follows regarding to their friends and their network.

  • Are your friendships as important to you as your life partner is?
  • Do you have a best friend(s)?
  • Do you have a difficult time setting limits with friends?
  • Do you see a close friend or friends at least once a week?
  • Do you speak to any of your friends on the phone every day?
  • Has a partner ever been responsible for breaking up a friendship?
  • Have friends ever been a factor for you in the breakup of a relationship?
  • If your friends need you, are you there for them?
  • Is it important that you and your partner have friends in common?
  • Is it important to you for your partner to accept and like your friends?

Keep watching for Part 3!

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