Seasoning MBA Application @ US – Part 2 – Expectations

My first BIG THANKS for all the readers of my previous post and their emails. Your encouragement and support has made be to write the continuation post in this very short turn around time. This is a 4 part experience based information guide.

The following are the 4 parts:

  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 1 – Basics
  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 2 – What they need?
  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 3 – How they evaluate?
  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 4 – Employability and Finance Post MBA


The level of difficulty of getting admitted is highly equal to that of the level of difficulty for a B-School to Accept or Reject your candidature. The Admissions Committee is equally responsible if they select a bad candidate for their program or reject a super-fine candidate. You could have noticed that there are loads of female administrators in the Admissions Committee of top B-Schools. [Note : Not performing any gender discrimination]. The ultimate reason for posting them into this position is for the following reasons.

  • Patience : They have a great patience when compared to others.
  • Expectation : They always expect EVERYTHING BIG and LARGE.
  • Long-term Thinkers : They plan everything for a long term.

So, what do they expect actually out an applicant who is applying for their University? What are the qualities do they actually require or would be a better case for you to secure an admission in the B-School?

Greater Leadership with effective communication, interpersonal skills, out-spoken, highly employable, networkable and all the mixtures of A -> Z and a -> z in all permutation and combinations. To my understanding, I would like to describe what an effective leadership is actually meant.

  1. Creativity
    • Out of Box
    • Think Tanks
    • Ability to Face
  2. Architect
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
    • Clarity
  3. Effective Planner
    • Short Term 
    • Long Term
    • Risk Processing
  4. Executor
    • Making Things to Happen
    • Doing Something Unique
    • Offering the Best
  5. Conductor
    • Inspire Others
    • Concert Public Stuffs
    • Value Human Effort
  6. Teacher
    • Mentor & Guide
    • Coach until Practice
  7. Steward
    • Server Others
    • Taste Before-Hand
    • Present One-Self
  8. Innovator
    • Ideating Stuffs
    • Innovation Presenters
    • Increase of Knowledge Pool
  9. Expert
    • Understanding Business
    • Understanding People
    • Understanding Context
    • Weave Culture and Results
  10. Analytic Run Machine
    • Assess the Outputs
    • Analyze the Results
    • Think Critically 
  11. International Exposure

I know those who are out of the lane, would surely feel this expectation as a form of stupidity. But yet still, there could be no one who could just blindly object the above requirements on a whole.

The Admissions Committee member could visualize both your physical appearance as well as mental appearance while he/she is reading through your profile. Into a nutshell, the Admissions Committee looks for :


When a normal profile comes in, they take after doing a lots of sacrifice. Sometimes, the admission committee member are from the background of Psychology. While reading the SOP or Essay or any other phrasal contents of your application, they will be able to smell the desire that you wish to have. They have the ability to judge if you are trying to exaggerate yourself or living in the normal pedalic life.

Will meet you back in part 3…

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