Seasoning MBA Application @ US – Part 1 – Basics


Oh! Yes, this segment is completely a new topic when comparing all my previous posts. Planned to complete in 4 Parts. Will see. 🙂

The following are the 4 parts:

  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 1 – Basics
  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 2 – What they need?
  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 3 – How they evaluate?
  • Seasoning MBA Applications – Part 4 – Employability and Finance Post MBA

There is a strong reason for composing this post now. Yes, few might have been aware about of the reason whilst most of them wouldn’t know the reason. It is the real time to confess on this stuff. I would like to pursue my full-time Master in Business Administration in a reputed institute. Reiterating, FULL-TIME.

The goal was little bit budding within me since 2013 when there was a spoof content in some website defaming me. Left it uncared due to the vigorous other works including various Governmental and Inter-Governmental tasks. Added a fame to my thought, I discussed with one of my best, close and mentally intimate friend in the early 2015. To my surprise even he was having the same idea and he never revealed it to me as he is an psychopathic attitude guy. Started searching for the Best Ranked B-Schools.

We both applied for few Universities and we had invitation from few Universities. I wanted to pursue my MBA along with my NBRS [Non-Blood Related Sibling] owing for various reasons. Will be analyzing my case and will strictly discuss my case here, as I don’t have any rights or permission from him to discuss about his case though I know each and every detail about him and his application.

So before proceeding, I wanted to give some information about my application. With almost 6.5 years of Entrepreneurial and Governmental Experience I have started my applications. I took up GRE instead of GMAT test as the entry requirement and was on an average of 35 percentile. My Under-Grad GPA was 3.67 out of 4.0. I had almost 192 research publications, 4 patents and wide international exposure.

It was lovely to get re-connected with various people whom we had connection before bunch of years, had recommendation and references from an University Professor, Chairman of Deloitte, Partner of EY and others. My application got through at some universities luckily or by some unknown means. Unfortunately my NBRS didn’t even get invitations. You could learn what an US MBA Admissions Committee member is looking from you out of your application in Part 2.

First thing about the applications are that you going to enter into a lottery program. Pray Well before starting. You should understand that each and every application is a time consuming process and dedicated time should be allocated for each and every case. With all my experiences, total time required on an average for 1 application is 8 – 14 hours if you are genuinely filling in all the particulars without CCP (Cut/Copy/Paste) Technique. Following which there is a standard rule that you have a very professional email ID which is being used for these application process.

Some of the bad email IDs are as follows.

Some of the professional free email IDs are as follows.

Use the same email ID from GRE / GMAT to the final stage of the application. Never change the email IDs inbetween as per your wish.

Concentrate on the Essay Part as they define who you are actually to the AdCom (Admissions Committee) members. The recommendation also holds certain quantum of value for the application and this will be discussed in Part 3 of this season. Be truthful for what you fill-in. Prepare a business resume which is short and crisp. The resume should have only 67% – 69% of text on the total frame. Some B-Schools do have Video Interview before the actual screening of your application, ensure that you face them with full of confidence and attitude.

Transcripts, most of the B-Schools do ask your transcripts to be evaluated by WES / ECE who are accredited by the NACES. Please do scan your transcripts legibly.

The last one is the Application Fee, for countries like India / China / Korea / African region the application fee is a big issue because of the very low currency values. On an average per application submission fees would be USD 100 and when you submit 10 applications it would cost you USD 1000 which is almost twice the salary earned by a normal professional with 5 years of experience. The investment should carry your worth. If you know that you will not be selected in Harvard Business School, even then applying for the same could make you to lose your hard earned money. See the median score of GMAT and the class profile. Put yourself into those positions and see if you could fit into it.

And before concluding couple of bonus points:


GRE is applicable for MS as well as MBA. Most of the B-Schools in United States of America do consider your GRE score. You are requested to look into ETS website for having the score equivalence. If you have decided to go for MBA, then I do recommend you to go for GMAT strictly as most of the B-School do assume that the applicant was not serious about his MBA career and took GRE to give a best try.


Every B-School have their own list of countries which are exempted from taking these English Language Tests. To put in a nut-shell, if the medium of your course was in English language and all your records are in English, you could approach them and request for International Language Test Score waiver.

Will meet you back in Part 2…

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