HDFC Loans – Approval

It will be highly funny as well as crucial when a loan application is being rejected or approved. I thought of sharing a small incident which happened before the application was being approved.

I was under the category of SALARIED. I recently got my Form 16. The loan process was too simple and got it done within few Hours. Though my office was at Chennai, I had a proof of Pondicherry which created some fuzz among the Bankers. Then they investigated it and got it done. Eventhough it was a secured loan, the bank was highly curious about the approval of my loan. When my CIBIL score was 764, they made it right under the clause. Now, its the time for me to ensure that the payments are being done regularly.

I finally learnt how to get rid of the CIBIL Negative Scoring and to repair the CIBIL Score. If you wish to get some tips, let me, I will help to get rid it in few simple ways.

Kokula Krishna Hari K an Indian born in Pondicherry, South India in the 1980's is a pure veteran with acquired knowledge in Business Administration, Computer Research and Entrepreneurship.

Kae Kae or KK or Kokula Krishna Hari is a strong Public Policy and Strategic Expert. All the contents and views expressed in this Blog are personal and nowhere represents his official comments or associated with his Professional Associations.

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