Becoming a Billionaire

Hi, Am writing after a long time here. The reason for not being here was, “I was a Billionaire”.

The word of being Millionaire or Billionaire is highly a fantasy for many people and even am into that list. Though I have a world which makes me into that category, but I firmly believe that the Organization’s money is not my money. The salary which I have should define of being Millionaire or Billionaire. Thought the asset value goes for me a title Millionaire, still there is a greed of me to become Billionaire.

This was recently satisfied for my level. Yes, happened to visit Republic of Vietnam for the ICCCEG 2014 [International Conference on Cloud Computing and eGovernance 2014]

The conversion rate was really awesome and great than what I expected. It was around 1 INR = 355 VND. When I went to the bank to withdraw cash for settling the hotel bills, I saw the bank lady started putting many zeros next to 233 literally. I was wondering how she calculated those in few seconds. Cost of a Coke was 7000 VND and Snicker was 8000 VND.

Kokula Krishna Hari K at ICCCEG 2014 Saigon, Vietnam

Kokula Krishna Hari K at ICCCEG 2014 Saigon, Vietnam

I got the dental flask at the Family Mart shop, the cost was 700 VND and the most stupidity came out of me here. Instead of giving the cash for this, I threw my Standard Chartered Debit Card for this. It was just around INR 1.80, but even then the person at the shop accepted my card with a smile.

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