Qualities of a True/Best Friend

Everything has an option and description. Yes, in the same way True or Best friend may and shall posses some of the qualities. It may change from case to case but the standard description.

I didn’t have any Female Friends or Girl Friends in my life and wish I never have it until my marriage. After marriage may be my spouse to be coined one among the above quoted. Henceforth, I am mentioning all the records for the boys.

When I grew up I learnt a lot and one among them is not having lots of friends but having few reliable and confident friends.

  • Should be able to match the wavelength or frequency of you. For example, if you say “Dude shall we watch a movie” he should be able to respond “Yeah I have selected 5 movies, we need to choose the best among it”
  • Should be able to understand your feelings. For example, if you say “I am depressed”, he should be able to console you.
  • Should be able to locate you. For example, if you say “I am frustrated, I am going out”, he should be able to locate you.

Not only these, but should be live inline with you.

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