Lunch @ Taj Falaknuma Palace

After some tiring business deals and events myself and my mom seriously wanted to rejuvenate ourselves. So, decided to have a small lunch at Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. Yeah, I have heard that it is slightly expensive. But I thought of moving for a short break.

I wanted to book a table, so searched for the number via JustDial and got it. It would be some old male who picked the call and I enquired about the Lunch Buffet or A La Carte. Then he transferred the call to Restaurant. There was some lady ( 😀 ) who picked the call and got my name for the Reservation. She was very much cautious about accepting me for the Lunch with serious of questions like Are you a Honeymoon couple or do you have a kid less than 12 years old. I replied that it will take minimum 5 more years to come with a Kid. She laughed and booked my reservation which was supposed to be at 1:30 PM.

I went to few locations of sight seeing and was little bit delayed to be there by 10 minutes. I arrived at their check-point at 1:40 PM. The security personals came near to our car for checking and it was almost screwed by 5 people. One senior official came near to me and asked for the name. I recited my name with greater pauses like Kokula ::: Krishna :::: Hari. He got my name and saluted at us and let the gate open.

It was almost a mile with the side winding of water pipelines and electricity. There was a great reception from the people at the security stop. An electronic vehicle was made ready for us. The cab driver was asked to leave the place after dropping us. Was asked to move in the electronic vehicle and it dropped me at a spot which could be around 500 meters from the cab drop point. There was a guy with wireless who received me. I felt like entering into a Mafia Gang after the removal of my wireless, mobile and laptops.

Got into and was receipted at reception and was directed to move to the Adda restaurant where Indian cuisines were served. Almost by 2 PM we were into it. Ordered the regular food which I use to take with few ingredients of Taj Hotels. It was lovely. The Chicken and the Lamb was served very fine. Nothing highly spicy. Moreover the chicken and lamb were of highly selected ones. Which means they weren’t stored in refrigerator or something of that sort. All the foods were prepared in pot as per my mom. After tasting all these, I wanted to try with the ice-creams. So got the Chocolate which was home-made. It was awesome.

Now the phase of billing, they took a long time to bring the bill. It was around 100 USD for 3 people. Manageable cost.

I loved all those buildings for some reason or the other. It was painted like my Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School in Pondicherry and the arches were also really exhibiting the same method. Finally, to conclude it was highly inline for the value of money which I have paid across.


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