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My entire overseas team was with me yesterday as they came to India for the purpose of casting their vote. We all had a great Dinner at KFC. With the segment from our Group CEO’s friend came from one of the top most Hospital of Chennai and we were discussing about some and the talk went to LGBT, XXX and so on. At the discussion there was an awesome point regarding to the Undergarments for men and some of the points discussed were quoted here. 

– Some underwear can make you look bigger in front. 
– Some underwear provides support. 
– Protects your pants from pee and skid marks if you haven’t learned how to use the bathroom yet. 
– Protects you from your zipper. It’s not that hard. 

– Can overheat your testicles and cause low sperm count. 
– Provide support (listed above as an advantage, but actually your testicles are designed to support themselves. They only need support because with underwear they are never required to support themselves and the muscles atrophy.) 
– Possibly make your **** smaller by keeping it bound up all the time 
– Uncomfortable 
– Going without underwear is sexier. Many will disagree. 
– Heat will be generated because of an additional layer which is closed. Actually the organ is elevated because it should be free from heat to have good sperm count. 
– Underwear costs money to buy and wash 
– Takes up valuable space in your dresser 
– They get in the way when you want to play
– Generates bacteria and causes Yeast Infection. 

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