Diplomatic Personality – Simple Steps for Dummies

Stand your ground. Being diplomatic means standing up for yourself, so do it. Be firm in your responses and opinions and stand by them. Focus on the facts of the situation. Take a moment to step back and evaluate the situation objectively and assess the factual information before you without including your emotions. Think before you act. Even if you’re angry or feeling offended, take a second to breathe and think things through before you say or do anything. If

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Planning for Tunisia Visa

I got an invitation from one of my friend MSB from Tunisia inviting me for his conference which is happening there between May 3 – May 6, 2014. Actually it was a long time plan to visit Tunisia since March 2013. So, I saw my calendar and found that there were only few meeting of not higher importance. I gave a reschedule for all the meetings and said “OK” to Pr. Med Salim Bouhlel. Now, the travel itinerary was finalized

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