Planning for Tunisia Visa

I got an invitation from one of my friend MSB from Tunisia inviting me for his conference which is happening there between May 3 – May 6, 2014. Actually it was a long time plan to visit Tunisia since March 2013. So, I saw my calendar and found that there were only few meeting of not higher importance. I gave a reschedule for all the meetings and said “OK” to Pr. Med Salim Bouhlel.

Now, the travel itinerary was finalized by our Corporate Partner and arrangements were followed by my Global PS. After booking the travel tickets we were searching for the Embassy of Tunis in India. Almost after a week we found their contact number and called, there was an automated IVR which was never connecting to either the Receptionist or Visa Officer. Fed up totally and reached our agent who works on the VISA Processing in our office. He said he will be charging additionally and I said “Ok, go ahead. I have booked the ticket after spending almost 2500 USD in this route. “.

The agent asked my travel documents, bank statement, credit card statement, hotel accommodation confirmation, application form and my day-to-day schedule. After seeing my bank statement, he called me again saying that the Tunisia embassy requires minimum INR 230,000 as account balance for processing the VISA. Though I tried to explain them that all the arrangements were taken care by my friend in Tunisia, they said it was not possible. Also they demanded me a fax letter from Tunisian Municipality. Finally, I made my mind not to disturb my friend for all the process and I should get it on my own.

Pulled out my official passport from the desk and gave my personal passport for processing the VISA under the category of the tourist. Now, they have accepted for processing the VISA in my personal passport and hence am expecting the VISA Issued passport to be received on or before end of the next week.


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