What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P1

This topic is the need for the hour. I happened to visit many institutes within India and out of India. The only difference is that the Indian institutes pressurize only on the Theory and never touches the Practical or Life Sciences. The have a focus on the academic segment alone and never go for the life science, which is most important for leading a successful life. Even the schools impose few minutes in Value Education / Moral Sciences and leave

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Losing a Business

Losing future business is very simple these days. Just deliver without quality, you can lose it. But recently I had a study/learning about losing a business by being adamant. Yes, I was in a good contact with an organization since 2009. That was of an win-win opportunity for both of us. In 2010, we have generated them a revenue of around 100,000 INR. Recently, they have upgraded the platform. In that platform, we were given with the rights of creating

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Getting complimentary Tickets (Kochadaiyaan)

Always while on the office, I use to sleep if it is early or too late. Something happened to me today. They stopped me near Mayajaal and few group of people saw my car with torch lights. They asked my driver to step-out. I thought it could be some robbery and was happy that there was nothing in my car except Rs. 72 in my wallet. They got a signature from him and had given 2 tickets for Kochadaiyaan movie

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