Two Wheeler the Curse to Indian Drivers

Always the most worst people (than me) are in the Indian Roads who drive their two wheeler. OMG! If you are driving a four wheeler or a bus in GST (Grand Southern Road), South India, India you will be completely pissed off and will avoid driving in the roads. Such terrible and dangerous guys, they are always. They quote that they pay the taxes to the Government and so, they will go only in the middle of the road. Yesterday

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Employee Relationship

From the day 1 of my establishment, I have never treated an employee as an employee. This is one of the most weak segment where I have lost. I trust highly that a good employee relationship is more important for an effective administration. Understanding them and providing them a space is empirically important because “THEY ARE ALSO HUMAN BEING”. If a person is a married, we should not ask him to sit along with us late evening if there are

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Mobile on Drive

I was over phone in an important call while crossing Saidapet signal at approx 2 PM. I could know what you connect between the title and the first line. No, I wasn’t driving the car, it was my driver who was driving the car. I saw a girl around 23, probably working in some IT sector. She was wearing a grey color dress and was driving a grey color Honda Activa type of two-wheeler in the hot sun without helmets.

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