The Art of buying a Beer in Pondicherry/Puducherry

Oh! On reading the title please do never imagine that I will be drinking. I drink the most vulnerable than this which includes Sprite, 7UP, Coke and Pepsi. Yes, why the heck am praising myself? Come on! As most of you may be aware I am hailing from the locality where hard drinks are famous enough because of taxation system in India. #Pondicherry or #Puducherry has marked its landmark in south India for its quality and cheap hard drinks. Most

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Chennai City Traffic Cop won me by Getting INR 10 as bribe

On last Saturday, I was quite busy with some official work at Chennai and suddenly got the email from ICICI Bank offering me some coupon to watch movie in Chennai. So immediately went online and booked a movie at Phoenix Market City. Since I was at Madhya Kailash, took a left crossing Raj Bhavan to reach Phoenix mall. While coming around Velacherry bye pass road, I was bit confused and tried to peep out of the car to see if

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Status of a MBA in India

It is highly painful when someone educated stand in the road-side and keep begging. Very similar to that today morning I saw a case and am highly worried how the University encourages these types of activities. After a long time, I was little bit free today sitting in the 3rd Floor leisurely. My dogs were barking strongly, so I happened to check the visitor. Three guys were standing downstairs in a professional manner with a tie, tucked-in shirts and well

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