Do we need to be hurt more to remove someone from our life?

“Do we need to be hurt more to remove someone from our life?” – This title maybe bit weird for someone but it is the one which plays hugely with one’s emotional content. Always February 19 every year is a bit deadly for me and by the chance or other I lose someone either Physically or Emotionally. In 2010, it was missing someone physically from this world, and in 2013 I lost someone emotionally; repeated the same in 2016 and now again

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Commitment is not just a Word, it is an Act

In the present world, we see many people miss the conduct code by skipping the term “Commitment” assuming it as a word. In reality, it is an act. And this act needs loads of consistent behaviour, and it happens over some time. A strong commitment exhibits an executive leadership skills of an individual through their behavioural consistency. It took me years to understand the difference between Interest and Commitment. In nut-shell, commitment is a connection between our values, intentions and

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