What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P2

With the continuation to my post on July 1, 2014;

The second things which the students fail to extract from their college atmosphere is “Understanding Girls”, yes this segment is very weak and feeble in India. Indian male students think they are of higher supremacy than the Girls. They always think that the girls are supposed to be within the home and never out.

Indian colleges fail to teach “How to handle a Girl?”

So, if this concept is well thought by the school or college as a part of their curriculum, then the nuisances happening and procrastinating the media can stop to a level.

There is a survey which says 72% of the data viewed in 2011 in India was PORN data. Don’t we feel bad about this? We should never feel bad about watching this, but instead we should feel bad for the percentage of it. Internet is a platform to share and exchange data which will result as a good and effective communication. Do you know as per the analytic report of Google the 4th frequently searched terms is “how to make a woman pregnant”. When the educational institutes can teach all about the circuiting, why couldn’t they teach about this allocating a hour in a week?

They won’t, because none of the companies ask these questions on interview and they will not get the banner called “100% Placement”. But think about the society.

… will continue

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