Shaving @ Rs. 10,000

On seeing the title you would have multiple thoughts, well am sure. Yes, this happened today just before few hours. I went to State Bank of India ATM to withdraw Rs. 100 (approx 1.8 USD). I was on an important call when I was crossing the SBI ATM. So stopped there and gave a break for that conference call with MUTE option. But even then don’t want to lose the content of the call.

So, decided to answer the call as well as withdraw the cash. Instead of typing Rs. 100, I typed it as Rs. 10,000 and withdrew the cash. Without the presence of mind, I collected the cash and inserted into my wallet and moved ahead. Now suddenly I got a call asking for the reason of withdrawal and still I didn’t reach the present world and was at con-call. The person who called on my alternate line was the Accounts Incharge and he asked me for the reason. I was too cool to respond, I withdrew it for shaving and going to a saloon.

It got blasted for the entire team and they started scratching their heads to know whether I was kidding or I was serious. Because for shaving it costs no greater than 1 USD.

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