Pochampalli Market – Entour to Hogenakkal – A Biggest Crime

Pochampalli Market is one of the most common names I have heard when I argued with my friends about the prices of the Koyambedu Market which is in Chennai. But it was a good one to bargain. It is one of the overcrowded market during Bakrid for the Goats. During conventional days, they use to sell the vegetables. Sarees are most famous over there.

I was with my mom, and she got almost the vegetables and asked our Driver to carry all those to the car. It was about 300 meters when she would have crossed from the shop where she got the vegetables for almost INR 2000 (USD 30).

She suddenly screamed on seeing my hands and I was walking too cool with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in my hands and responding for an email. She started walking back to that shop. I was thinking that she forgot to get some change. She asked the shop keeper for the complimentary coriander leaves worth of INR 2 (0.03 USD). And that shop fellow also gives it with a smile.

OMG! What a big deal was it? She was a Finance Director who had signed and initiated contracts for millions of dollars and finally for USD 0.03!

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