Successful Vs Unsuccessful – A Race View

There is a race between being successful and unsuccessful in each and every activity. There are few people like me (over-boosted) to quote that they followed Unsuccessful career and got a successful life. In the following image, almost 95% it satisfies the criteria for me. But to note, I am bit successful and still striving to be successful.

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Element 117 in Periodic Table Confirmed

This was one my favorite during my 10th Standard. Use to memorize the entire stuff from T2B. Later it got diminished as the years passed by. I could still recollect how we wasted the salts, strong acids, weak acids in the Chemistry Lab without the knowledge of the Lab Assistants. The periodic table has been extended, with the announcement of the confirmation of the yet to be named element 117. In 2010 a US Russian collaboration announced they had produced

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My Publications Tracks – 2014 – Kokula Krishna Hari K

I generally don’t like sharing my publications. Am not sure about why this attitude has developed within me. It may be because, during my Ph. D. I literally use to beg people for Joint Publication, Share their previous articles, Get access for Premier Proceedings and so on. But I was successful only around 5% – 6% of my total effort. But I got several requests from my close associates to publish my track atleast once in a year which will

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