Shouldering a Girl for Half-a-Journey to the United Kingdom

Every Journey in my life counts and my very recent Journey to the United Kingdom was really more impressive and soul-satisfying. Stop Judging me with the above statement. This is my 100th post and if you didn’t get me till now, a hard regret for your understanding ability. After a very long-time in-service, I happened to fly in Jet Airways from New Delhi, India to London, United Kingdom. It was a quite long travel for around 9 hours and 10

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Adult friendships are more Responsible & Choosing them Wiser is more Important

Have you ever wondered if you have very less number of friends in adulthood than your school or college days? Adult friendships are more responsible in nature and choosing them wisely is important according to me. Don’t have more than 10 in number. Than coining them as friends, they should be like your formed family. What a lot of people don’t appear to understand is that the single easiest way to make friends is to show up when it matters —

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Indian Friendship – Trust & Respect

More than a decade, the real fruit of acquiring a friend was missed in my life. In a friendship trust and respect are the only components, others are not even into the list. The blossoming period of life, the school thought me much in India but failed to teach me life lessons. And, being an Indian Kid, I had been constantly controlled, monitored and directed whom to speak with and whom not to. Not limited to the gender, there was

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