APJ Abdul Kalam – A tribute

APJ Abdul Kalam (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam) was a man of simplicity without any political interference. Recently passed away carrying the minds and hearts of many people. The psychology says that when we lose a person in the life, no one can immediately react by crying or roll on the floor for missing them. It will surely take minimum 36 hours to realize that we are going to miss them forever. Happened to meet him few times at various occasions. A very interesting person of a exceptional skill-set.

On 28th July, 2015 I landed at New Delhi from my International Trip to London. I got the message from our Secretary that Dr. APJ Kalam passed away. Before the immigration was over, I called him to confirm if the news is true or a rumor like always. He attended the call at 1 AM and said it was a confirmed news.

After visiting the location, secretary literally gave out few drops of tears and I didn’t. He immediately coined me as if am exhibiting sectarianism. But really am never such. It really didn’t have any immediate impacts. Even after reaching back my home, I didn’t transparently.

I was reading the post of When his colleague wrote a post while travelling from Palam the itch was felt within myself. “I have travelled across India and even abroad with Kalam many times, he never sleeps during the Air-Travel but we all will have a good sleep. Now, we all are not sleeping, but he is peacefully sleeping.” On reading this statement it was like touching to the core soul.

Finally, we are suppose to meet him this August 2015 for a book release. Dono where I could meet him.

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