Achievements – Post Professional #2015001

Some after reading the title would curse that it is highly Stupid because your logical sense says that when someone is Professional, that itself is an achievement. But yet there are few more stuffs which needs to be rendered and achieved in personal life. Yes, this post is one about such. Of years ago, I remember going to a Tamil Language movie “ON TIME” along with my family members and it years back in 1998 while I was in school. After

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People Expect Big Always

The people in the world including me expect everything to happen in a BIGGER manner and beyond the expectations. Yet still, even after achieving it we aren’t happy. This is a clear defined psychological disorder in my perspective. In India, initially there was a guy who was drawing USD 100 a month; he expected to add a “0” at the last of the salary figure. He worked too hard and added as he wished. Now, he was drawing USD 1000

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Romantic Ride in TNSTC + 2

I could see your face glittering on reading this post title. Yes, I could surely say it as Romantic Ride on Sunday evening to my mother’s hometown without any protocol or stupids behind me. Wanted my car to be picked-up and unfortunately my driver was on leave and more interesting is that I was jobless. It is a very rare occasion to get jobless moments. So decided to pick it up. Started from my home at 6.30 PM and reached

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